Offshore Outsourcing Partner
Offshore Outsourcing Partner

Offshore-Outsourcing-PartnerCuriologix delivers enduring develop- ment, support and maintenance services as an offshore outsourcing partner. This kind of arrangement lends a hand to company in dropping costs, swelling functioning productivity, make available standby resources and backing to undertake new agreements.

Offshore Software Development
Offshore Software Development

Offshore-Software-DevelopmentCuriologix is a market leader in terms of software development companies in all over the globe providing Offshore Software Development solutions and Services. A range of services are provided by us and over globe presence and hunderds of satisfied clients are testimonies to our devotion.

Custome Software Development
Custome Software Development

Custome Software DevelopmentA highly reputed custom software development company can put value to your output and lend a hand you to burst your company escalation. You possibly make out; the Internet has produced incredible opportunities for companies to decrease the expenses by using virtual engineering. Curiologix covers different ways to facilitate you to carry out your work.

Testing Solution
Testing Solution

Testing SolutionCuriologix’s testing solutions have the shared resources and skill to carry out testing at a technical level that is best suited to client requirements and financial plan. Our testing crew has established a robust understanding of locomotive and business time lines. We are very well aware that it takes to get the job done promptly, with top notch excellence.

Technical Writing
Technical Writing

Technical WritingCuriologix is a technical writing and ease of access outsourcing firm who has presence in different parts of the world. Our technicality makes us specialize in client documentation and development of courseware. Curiologix provides technical writing outsourcing services in USA, UK, Canada and Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark etc.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationThe search engine landscape has reformed radically with the passage of time as new techniques and strategies are getting in the market place. Different search engines are work differently as there is found a dire competition. Search gets advanced, and Curiologix considers it is time for a new style Search Engine Optimisation to get the fascinating results.


Speak Or Shake Pro

Technology: Andriod

Its very hard to find any application on your android phone when you need it, it lets you use your android smart phone smartly.

This app contains list of all the installed apps in your phone. Select any app from that list and open it whenever you like on phone shake. Set voice commands for your favorite applications to open on these commands. You can set unlimited applications to open with your voice commands in this version.

  • Enable or Disable the Shake Service
  • Adjust the Shake settings
  • Select application from all installed applications in your device.
  • Enable or Disable the Voice Service
  • Enable or disable the Service when your phone reboots.
  • Very attractive user friendly interface.
  • You can filter application by name to find your desired application

Islamic Moral Stories

Technology: Andriod

Islamic moral stories is a collection of some good Islamic stories which you can tell to your children and even read yourself. Note:if you find any mistake and contradiction in any story please write us at "" to correct it.



Technology: Andriod

KuryCom is useful recipe app from the great useful collection of Urdu & English, KuryCom is source of quick and easy recipes to your Android device. We are selecting and adding to our list delicious new Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Chinese and many other recipes every day.


Droid Shake Camera

Technology: Andriod

Is opening the camera and finding the icon too hard; Not anymore!!. With this application, just shake your mobile to turn on the camera. You can also change settings so that camera opens in Image mode, Video mode or both. Adjust the sensors as you feel comfortable. You can enable or disable the shake service whenever you like.



Technology: Andriod

Islamic Prayers is a collection of 54 good Islamic Prayers. Very useful collection to start your daily routine work with Islamic Prayers. Note:If you find any mistake or contradiction in any prayer please write us to correct it.


Droid Flashlite

Technology: Andriod

Turn you Android device to very strong torch with our simple and easy to use well designed Droid FlashLite app.

Key Features:

  • Camera flash light integrated LED at maximum.
  • Single click on bulb on screen to on torch or off.
  • Multiple setting options to use it.
  • Multiple jerk levels to use your mobile as torch.
  • This is the only app to allow you to set timer to turn on torch.
  • Option to set vibrate when torch gets on or off.
  • Option to set play sound when torch gets on or off.

You can also create a beautiful widget on the home screen which will make it more easy to turn Torch on and off.


Alarm Clock Andiod App

Technology: Andriod

Droid Digital Alarm Clock is an app where you can create multiple alarms and events, this app allow you to set different tone, songs and playlist for your alarms and events.

  • Vertical and horizontal modes
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Show/Hide seconds
  • Select your song or even playlist as alarm
  • 11 built-in alarm sounds
  • Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons
  • Multiple alarms supported
  • Snooze ON/OFF
  • Snooze time customizable
  • Vibrate ON/OFF
  • Repeat days
  • Can receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running!
  • Display weather conditions and temperature in your area
  • Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities
  • Shake Android to toggle the flashlight
  • Set shake sensitivity to toggle the flashlight
  • List Predefined Events List
  • Allow to add upcoming event
  • List the user defined upcoming events
  • Prompt on Specific Event

Gold Calculator

Technology: Andriod

Gold calculator is a widget specifically designed for Android phones. It is as easy to use as simple. Elegant, gold and shiny looking user interface, you have never seen before. It keeps track of whole equation for user convenience. You will love the large, easy to see buttons and numbers

  • Addition (+)
  • Subtraction (-)
  • Divition (/)
  • Multiplication (*)

Hargaemas Malaysia

Technology: Andriod

Monitor all physical and virtual gold prices in Malaysia, for all type of gold including 999, 916, 750. This apps also include used gold calculator, Ar-Rahnu Investment Calculator, Daily Ar-Rahnu price for Agrobank, Ar-RahnuX, Bank Rakyat also to monitor Maybank Gold Investment Account, Public Bank Gold Investment Account and Kuwait Finance House Gold Account-i, CIMB Gold Saving Account and UOB


FMC Reporting Application

Technology: Andriod

FMC Reporting Application

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